Mini 12V DC Loadshedding UPS for Wifi Routers & CCTV

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Mini 12V DC Loadshedding UPS for Wifi Routers & CCTV

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This Mini UPS delivers clean, reliable, automatic and constant power to small DC devices during power outages or where grid power is not available, ideal for load shedding & power cuts. Includes a DC splitter cable compatable with most routers, splitter cables allows the UPS to power up a typical Fibre ONT as well as the wifi router
- Keep your IP phones, WiFi routers, security cameras, tablets powered with no interruption
- 17W DC-to-DC micro UPS with USB, DC & Power over Ethernet (P.O.E) charging options
- Selectable DC output voltages of 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 24V (based on output connector)
- 4 x 2200mA Li-Ion batteries ensure the system lasts for approx 4 hours on a average Wifi router.
- Switchover to the device during a power outage is automatic & instantaneous
- High compatibility, suitable for most products on the market.
- USB 5V output can charge mobile phone, PDA, PSP, iPod, MP4 and other devices.
- Unlike a traditional power bank that solely provides backup power when needed, the Micro DC-to-DC UPS remains in-line between your device and the power source and modulates the incoming power feed to prevent damage to your sensitive electronic devices.
- The battery bank is Lithium-ion and is charged via grid power when available. Available outputs are power over ethernet, USB interface and DC interface.

Product specifications:
- DC Output power (max): 17w
- Output voltage (max) - DC Interface : 9V/12V
- Output voltage (max) - POE: 15V/24V
- Output voltage (max) - USB : 5V
- Battery: 4 x 2200mA Li-Ion battery
- Unit Dimensions: 16 × 11 × 2.8cm

Whats in the Box
- 1 X Mini UPS
- 1 X AC Power Cable
- 1 X DC Splitter Cable